3 Best Reasons Homeowners in Florida Choose Mold Testing

3 Best Reasons Homeowners in Florida Choose Mold Testing

Mold issues are prevalent in states like Florida, with high moisture levels and humidity. If you are a Florida homeowner looking for solutions to improve your home environment, keep reading this article. Here are 3 reasons why Florida homeowners choose services for mold testing.

Mold Testing


Enjoying a mold-free home where you can breathe quality air is necessary for your health and your family. But why is mold at home so harmful?

Mold exists everywhere; there are no indoor spaces where you can not find it. However, it cannot grow without sufficient moisture, so a specific sign of mold growth is the presence of too much humidity.

Mold bacteria, also known as fungi, generally have thread-like bodies and reproduce by producing spores. 

Mold pollution is the growth of fungi in a building, negatively impacting the use of that structure. The negative impacts generally fall into two categories: the facility’s destruction and adverse health impacts. About ten percent of U.S. buildings are estimated to suffer from mold pollution.

That’s why many homeowners in Florida hire an air quality and mold testing agency to ensure that the air their loved ones breathe inside their homes is clean and healthy.

Damages of mold presence

Damages of mold presence at home

Mold presence is familiar in humid regions like Florida. Local homeowners are constantly concerned about the growth of mold and germs inside their homes, not only because it can damage the house’s structure and make the space hard to live in, but more significantly because mold is a source of health problems.

If homeowners notice any of these symptoms, it is most likely that a mold infection is in place, and should take action immediately:

  • Musty odor;
  • Moisture on hard surfaces ;
  • Water stains that signify water leaks or condensation;
  • Visible mold formation;
  • Unexplained health problems.

So, living in the “Sunshine State,” you must know that Florida weather is a magnet for mold conditions. What options do you have when facing this problem?

Start by calling a professional air quality and mold testing company.


What can ETA do for you?

Mold Removal Company

Many national service organizations that protect the public’s health have warned about the harm of prolonged exposure to air polluted by mold indoors.

Hiring an air quality and mold testing service is the best way to ensure and examine the quality of your environment and protect your beloved one’s health.

ETA Mold provides services for Allergens, Lead, Mold, VOC sampling, and Water Damage. This can help determine how clean your indoor air quality is and fix mold issues.


About Environmental Testing Agency


ETA Mold - Environmental Testing Agency Logo

At Environmental Testing Agency, Inc., we firmly believe that our customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. Our team is committed to meeting those needs. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service: mold testing and moisture assessment with a detailed report providing insurance documentation.

Determining the problem, how to fix it, and prevent it in the future is the basis of our 3-step inspection process:

  1. Detection: The first step is to discover the existing damage.
  2. Testing: Samples are sent to our accredited labs and give a detailed analysis.
  3. Assessment: Our certified assessors provide documentation and lab analysis in a detailed report.

The best way to prevent damage and the spread of mold is to control the moisture levels inside your home. Preventing sources of development is the key to solving future problems.

However, if the bacteria have already spread enough, you must hire a professional company.

So why should you hire an air quality and mold testing agency?


Three Reasons Why Florida Homeowners Choose Mold Testing Services:

  1. Health issues.

Health Issues of Having Mold at Home

Mold grows everywhere, and its presence can take many forms, from odd odors, damp spots, or visible moisture. Although it can rise everywhere -and not only in old or structurally flawed houses, moisture is believed to be an essential factor that favors the appearance of mold.

Dampness creates the perfect conditions for mold spores to grow in homes and buildings, promoting the growth of indoor bacteria, insects, and viruses.

All this has a severe impact on health.

Prolonged exposure to mold and dampness can cause allergic reactions, cough, cold, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, skin, and lungs. 

Other people who suffer from allergies, chronic respiratory diseases (like asthma), or underlying lung disease may experience more intense consequences, like fever, shortness of breath, and other upper and lower respiratory problems.

The mold in houses and buildings must be removed for the householders’ health and quality of life. Homeowners can carry out the cleaning of small areas where there is mold. Even so, when the damage is done, and the mold has spread too far, it is necessary to request the services of a professional air quality and mold testing agency.


At ETA Mold, we pride ourselves on being an agency that takes care of your well-being and that of your family. We care that you breathe quality air; that’s why we provide solutions for homes and commercial buildings that have been affected by mold.

One call and ETA Mold is on the way!

  • Accepting all insurance
  • Air quality testing and assessment
  • Your property and safety are our priority
  • Free estimates


2. Water contamination.

House ceiling corner Black and green fungus mold

Another severe consequence that Florida homeowners are concerned about is water damage. Bacteria and viruses spread by mold can find their way into your pipes and water source, eventually contaminating your family’s drinking water.

Dampness is one of the most common causes of harm in a commercial or residential building. There are many things to look for when it comes to dampness damage. The different categories of water refer to the source of the water damage and other potential contaminants, including where the water may come in contact.

When you have wet material in a home or building, you need to dry it out ASAP to avoid further issues. Because of our professional and efficient services, many Florida homeowners turn to Environmental Testing Agency for water and mold testing.

We can tell you the extent of moisture in the building material by taking test water samples and if the water is safe. This also ensures the safety of all the householders.  


3. Material damage due to Mold Pollution.

Material damage due to Mold Pollution

Nothing is more important than your health, but you should also know that mold can damage your home. The financial consequences can be enormous, whether you’re a tenant or a homeowner.

The damage to the structures of the house occurs because mold eats away at the wood, drywall, tiles, and other household materials. Thus, some consequences may be broken walls and window frames, collapsed ceilings, HVAC contamination, etc.

Hiring a mold testing and inspection service can prevent problems in the future and protect you from damage to your health and your home.

At ETA Mold, we are considered one of Florida’s top-rated companies for air quality testing services. Our main goal is to protect you and your family by identifying the safety of your residential property.

Our residential inspection service is the way where potential problems are identified and corrected. A review for mold or mold-related issues should be included in the examination. 

Once the mold testing and inspection are complete, ask the inspector if any mold or potential issues were identified. That information should be detailed in the official report. 

A mold-free house is a healthy home

Now that you know what dangers mold can cause in your home, you can rest easy knowing that professional companies take care of the problem for you.

At Environmental Testing Agency, Inc., we care about the health and well-being of you and your family. That is why we provide services of mold testing so your loved ones can breathe clean air free of bacteria that can harm their health.

We take pride in being a responsive, professional, and accountable company.
Making an impact on people’s lives inspires us to determine the problem and how to fix it and prevent it in the future.

For these and many other reasons, ETA Mold is your way to protect your loved ones from mold damage and lousy air quality at home.

Choose our mold testing services and allow us to be your breath of fresh air. Get your air quality tested today with ETA!



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